Another Black and White Wedding

While searching for a historical occasion that occurred on this date, I ran across the death date of Ida Emilie Martha (Mueller) Doering…..April 5, 1894.  She was the first wife of Wilhelm Doering.  A few days ago, I posted a photo of Wilhelm’s second wedding to Maria Schmidt and asked about Maria’s white veil worn with a dark dress.  Well, lo and behold, I found a photo of Wilhelm’s first wedding to Ida Mueller (the left photo), and it once again shows a “black and white” wedding.

I welcome any comments you might have as you compare these two photos which include the same groom, but different brides.

5 thoughts on “Another Black and White Wedding

  1. From what I remember, sometimes a bride chose a black dress for her wedding dress so she could wear it for other occasions. One would not wear a white wedding dress again, but a black one could be worn again while in mourning. It was also considered more formal, at the time. Not sure if this is totally accurate, but knowing how practical the people were, it seemed to make sense when this information was shared with me.


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