Frogtown Furniture

Many of the old-timers from around these here parts talk about a swing factory that was once located in Wittenberg.  They also describe the area in Wittenberg where the factory was located as Frogtown.  Here is a photo of that swing factory.

Miesner Manufacturing X
Miesner Manufacturing – Wittenberg

If you look closely at the photo, you can see this factory’s special item, the swing, is mounted on the middle of the roof.

Martin and John Miesner started the swing factory extension of their lumber yard in 1912.  In 1915, a fire destroyed this building.  It was rebuilt and continued operations until 1918 when it went broke.  Under new ownership, the factory continued as Perfection Furniture Manufacturing Company and lasted into the mid-twenties.

We are experiencing a very hot, humid day here in East Perry County.  Back in the day when the swings were made by the Miesner factory, many would find comfort by settling down on one of these swings in the cool shade of a tree.

Miesner children furniture X
Miesner children on a Miesner swing

This particular style of swing is described as the “Miesner Rocker Swing — The Children’s Pleasure.  I am guessing the rocker swing in the background is more of an adult version, complete with a canopy.

We would certainly welcome any comments from anyone that has any stories about the swing factory or the town of Wittenberg, especially the Frogtown area.

10 thoughts on “Frogtown Furniture

  1. My Grandfather, Martin Meinz, worked there as well. I have a table in my home that came from the swing factory that I bought at an auction.


  2. My Grandfather, Martin J Grebing worked there for several years before 1916 when he moved his family to Cape. In Cape he built their home and began his own carpentry .


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