Altenburg’s Early Docs

On September 1, 1903, Dr. Johann Gottlieb Neumueller married Juliane (Hintmann) Rogalski.  It was the second marriage for both of them.  However, that event was one of the later events I would like to focus on today.

Dr. Neumueller would call another doctor in Altenburg by the name Uncle Ernst.  That would be a man named Dr. Ernst Eduard Buenger.  Ernst had a sister by the name of Clementine.

Clementine Buenger
Clementine (Buenger) Neumueller

Clementine had married a gentleman by the name of Johann Gottlob Neumueller.  Their oldest son was Johann Gottlieb, and he would also become a medical doctor, just like his Uncle Ernst.  Here is a photo of Dr. Buenger standing in front of his business.

E E Buenger & drug store

Dr. Buenger died in 1899 at the age of 82.  It appears that his nephew, Dr. Neumueller took took over his doctor and druggist business.  This photo taken at a later date shows that a second floor was added to the building and Dr. Neumueller now operating the business.

drug store Neumueller M tif

Dr. Neumueller’s first wife was Wilhelmina (Oehlert) Neumueller.  They were married on April 12, 1882.  Wilhelmina died in 1893.  Dr. Neumueller was a widower for about ten years before he remarried in 1903.

Wilhelmine Oehlert
Wilhelmina (Oehlert) Neumueller

Here is a photo of Dr. Neumueller with two of his children from his marriage to Wilhelmina.

Dr. Neumueller Carolyne Lydia
Dr. Neumueller with daughters Carolyne and Lydia

When you look at death records from this area, you will see plenty of them where the doctor who signed off on the certificate was either Dr. E.E. Buenger or Dr. J.G. Neumueller.

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