Two Huge Families Unite

Clayton Erdmann

Today we are publishing our first article done by a guest blogger.  His name is Clayton Erdmann.  Clayton is the 5th grade teacher at Immanuel Lutheran School in Olivette, Missouri.  He has several ancestral connections to Perry County and is also an avid genealogist.  We are honored to have him contribute to this blog.



On this date in 1853, Herman Caspar Telle married Eva Hemman at Grace Lutheran Church is Paitzdorf, Missouri.

Herman was born in Beerwalde, Germany on December 22, 1830. His parents were Andreas & Justine Telle nee Fritsche. He was his father’s 10th child, but his mother’s 1st child. In all, his father, would have 28 children with 4 different women. He had one child with a woman he never married, and 9 children with each of his next three wives. Many of the children died in infancy or at a young age.

Herman Caspar Telle

Herman was baptized on December 29, 1830 at the Evangelisch Lutherische Kirche in Beerwalde, Herzogtum Sachsen-Altenburg, Deutscher Bund. His mother died in May 1840, when he was 9 1/2 years old. Her death followed the delivery of a set of twins. She had given birth to 9 children in eleven years.

Herman’s father was a landowning farmer. However, with such a large family, it was probably unlikely that Herman would have inherited anything. In 1849, at the age of 19, Herman immigrated to the United States. He settled in the small community of Paitzdorf, Missouri, in Perry County. (Modern name of Paitzdorf is Uniontown) At least one of Herman’s siblings also immigrated to the United States. His younger brother, Andreas, immigrated to Perry County, Missouri, in 1853.

Herman’s occupation was joiner and farmer.

Eva Hemman was born in Paitzdorf, Germany on November 21, 1833. She was the daughter of Gottfried Johann and Maria Hemmann nee Bachmann. Before Eva turned five, her mother passed away. A year later, in 1839, Eva and her family immigrated to the United States. Her family settled in Missouri and were founding citizens of the small community of Paitzdorf in Perry County.

Eva (Hemman) Telle

With the heartbreak that both Herman and Eva knew, from losing their mothers at an early age, it must have been counted as a special blessing that they both lived to see old age. They were married over 52 years. They had 10 children of their own. Despite the blessing of seeing old age, they did experience personal tragedy. One son was stillborn and two of their adult daughters died after giving birth; including my direct ancestor, Martha Bultmann nee Telle.

Herman died on April 12, 1906 in Uniontown, Missouri. He was 75 years old. Eva was 87 years old when she died on December 14, 1920. They are both buried in the “Upper” Grace Lutheran Church Cemetery in Uniontown.

Telle tombstone – Grace, Uniontown


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