Where is Nora?


Yesterday, our blog post was about Nora Schmidt.  In that article, it was noted that Nora was born on October 9, 1901.  Nora is shown in the above photograph standing between her mother and father.

Several months ago, there was another blog post about a pair of Lorenz twins….Together in Birth and Death.  They were born about one month earlier on September 6, 1901.

Lorenz twins
Maria and Martha Lorenz

Well, if Nora and these twins are about the same age, then Nora should be in this photo of Teacher Hemmann and his class at Trinity Lutheran School in Altenburg which includes those twins.

Teacher Hemmann’s class

So we ask a similar question that is asked in the Where’s Waldo books, “Where’s Nora?”  I invite you today to give us your guess.  You can either let us know by commenting here on our website or by leaving a comment on our Facebook page.  By my estimation, Nora’s older brother, Matthew, was probably in the Big School (Grosse Schule) by the time this photo was taken.  This photo is of Teacher Hemmann’s class in the Little School (Kleine Schule – probably grades 1-4).

Maybe if I post this photo often enough, we can get all of the children identified.

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