Mueller Millers

We have a Mueller wedding to talk about today.  This one took place on April 10, 1904 at Trinity Lutheran Church in Altenburg.  The groom was Henry Mueller and the bride was Wilhelmina Kuennell.  Here is their Missouri marriage license.

Mueller Kuennell marriage license
Mueller/Kuennell marriage license

Rev. Dr. A. Schorman performed the ceremony.  Here is their wedding photo.

Henry Mueller wedding tif
Mueller/Kuennell wedding

Henry was the son of Christian Gottlob and Magdalena (Buenger) Mueller of Altenburg.

Christian Gottlob operated a flour mill on the east side of Altenburg called C.G. Milling.  It was also called the Altenburg Roller Mills.  Here is a photo of that building.

Altenburg Roller Mills tif

Both Henry and his brother Theodore were part of this business in the early 1900’s.  Already when he was 18 years old, Henry is described as a miller in the 1900 census.  Thus, you can call these men the Mueller Millers.  Once again, I must inform you that according to East Perry County pronunciation, both Mueller and Miller are pronounced the same.

Henry’s bride, Wilhelmina, has cost me quite a bit of research time.  Maybe someday, I will go into more detail, but for the time being, let me just say that Wilhelmina was the adopted daughter of John and Caroline Kuennell (pronounced Kinnell around here).  On a couple documents, you can find that her maiden name is listed as Muffler.  For example, her death certificate states this.


Wilhelmina Mueller death certificate
Wilhelmina Mueller death certificate – Indiana

Also, in John Kuennell’s last will and testament, we see Wilhelmina as a Muffler.

John Kuennell will

Therefore, the marriage certificate shown above could just as easily shown Wilhelmina as a Muffler instead of a Kuennell.

I am going to take a side trip to talk about the two Altenburg homes where Henry and Wilhelmina spent a portion of their childhoods.  First, let’s look at the Mueller house.  Here is a photo of Henry’s father, Christian Gottlob, standing in front of his house.

Christian Gottlob Mueller home

Here is what that house looks like today.


It is located near where the Altenburg Roller Mills building stood and is in a part of town that we jokingly refer to as L.A. (Lower Altenburg).

When John Kuennell lived in Altenburg, he had a house built.  Here is a photo of members of his family standing in front of that house.

Fischers & Kuennels

Wilhelmina is standing on the left.  Next comes Caroline and John Kuennell.  On the right is the other daughter of the Kuennells, Katie, and her husband Edward Fischer.

Here is what that home looks like today.


A circular stairway was constructed on the front side of the house at a later time.  What I find interesting is that the Mueller and Kuennell houses were quite possibly the only houses in town at that time that were brick homes.

Here is a photo that includes Christian Gottlob with two sons, Theodore and Henry, and Joe Mueller, a relative who ran a store in Wittenberg.

Christian Mueller group

In 1919, the Altenburg Roller Mills burned down.  Even though another building replaced it shortly thereafter, it was soon rented to the Schirmer family.  Not long after that, Henry and his family moved to New Albany, Indiana.  When they moved, there were six children in the family.  Here is a photo of the five oldest children.  The youngest, Gertrude, was not born yet when this photo was taken.

Henry Mueller children

The little girl on the chair was named Adela.  She died in 1923 when she was just eight years old.  Since she died in Indiana, we know that this family had moved to New Albany before that date.

Henry was the manager of the Zabel Flour Mill in New Albany.  So you could say that he was still a Mueller Miller.  New Albany is found just across the Ohio River from Louisville, Kentucky.  Here is a photo of the house where this family lived in that city.

Henry Mueller home New Albany, IN

Another story will likely come from this one.  That would be the story of Henry and Wilhelmina’s oldest son, Reinhold Mueller, who became a missionary to China.  Before I can write that story, I’ll have to do more research.



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  1. Hi! I’m the great-granddaughter of Henry and Wilhelmina Mueller. My grandmother is the little girl on the left in the photo of the children, Concordia. I remember when I was a little girl, she talked often about Katie Fischer and her time in Altenburg. In 1936, the Mueller family home in New Albany, pictured, was flooded when the Ohio River overflowed its banks. This was before the flood wall was built in New Albany. Imagine my surprise and delight at seeing these family photos and history online. Thank you so much for doing the research!

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