It Was a Very Good Year

I thought today might be a good day to reflect back on the year 2017.  For one thing, yesterday, we published the 700th post since we started a new website at the end of January in 2016.  That is a nice milestone.  It represents the fact that we have come very close to publishing a new post on just about a daily basis now for almost two years.

Now let’s take a look at some other results from 2017.  We have ways of seeing what kinds of readers’ response we get from our posts.  Here is one exhibit showing some statistics for this past calendar year.

Website stats 2017 (1)

The number of “views” we had in 2016 was 51,573.  So this past year, we more than doubled the amount of views from the previous year.  A “view” is tallied whenever a person clicks on any one of our website’s pages.  For example, if a person visits our home page, that is one view.  If that person then clicks to go to our Blog page, that is another view.  If they then click on a particular blog post, that is another view.  However, since that is the same person clicking on these pages, it is only counted as one “visitor”.  You can see that this past year we had over 35,000 visitors.  That number was also about double the previous year’s number of visitors.  We are very happy with these numbers.

The number of “likes” and “comments” seems somewhat small.  However, since we share our posts automatically onto our museum’s Facebook page, we get most of our likes and comments on that site.  Those are not counted here.  We, of course, always love to get likes and comments, no matter where they occur.  We appreciate feedback.

Here is another chart which shows the top ten countries that have viewed our site.

Website stats 2017 (2)

Of course, you expect to see the United States to be leading this statistic by a large amount.  We even expect to see Germany show up in the second slot.  We know of several individuals in Germany who read our posts regularly.  Some of the other countries on this list are somewhat surprising.  I find it interesting that there are so many views from Japan and India.

One other list is one I put together.  It is the list of the Top Ten Blog Posts of 2017.  I have made each of these items so that you can click on it if you would like to take a look at the post.  (Okay, I admit.  I’m also doing this because every time someone clicks to go to one of them, we get another view.)  I also show how many views each post received during 2017.

  1. Mississippi Marriage Misfortune: Tragedy at Tower Rock                        1783 views
  2. Return of “The Mud”                                                                                          1003 views
  3. Two of a Kind….Later a Full House                                                                   541 views
  4. Kaempfe Tragedy….and a Tornado Too                                                            525 views
  5. Got California Milk? – Part 1                                                                               524 views
  6. A Poetic Tribute to the Stueves                                                                           514 views
  7. Got California Milk? NO!                                                                                      508 views
  8. Got California Milk? – Part 3                                                                                492 views
  9. A Blast from Teacher Popp’s Past                                                                        439 views
  10. Fair = Food + Fun + Fellowship + Fanfare                                                          438 views

We have a few folks who have volunteered to contribute blog posts to our site during this past year.  We have had posts written by Clayton Erdmann, Fred Eggers, Cal Eggers, and Janice Camren.  I am so grateful to these people for taking the time to produce high quality posts that have been very well received by our readers.  My thanks go out to them.

I would like to thank our readers for taking an interest in our site.  You make our efforts at preserving the history of East Perry County even more satisfying.  We hope that you continue to support our mission.

There are ways that you can help us increase our readership.

  • Continue to faithfully visit our website and suggest to your family and friends that they should follow us also.
  • Share our posts with others.  It is easily done if you are on Facebook.  Especially if we write a post that connects with your family, make sure your relatives see it.
  • I know that in the near future, you are going to see some other new contributors to our blog.  If you have a story of interest about our Perry County history and feel you could write a post for us, let us know.  You can contact our research department by using this e-mail:
  • Like and comment on our posts.  Your likes and comments can be contagious.  They may lead to other people to express an interest in our website and blog.

I would be remiss if I did not also say that you should come to visit us in Altenburg someday.  Our museum is a topnotch site too.  We had close to 6000 visitors during 2017 and would love to have even more during 2018.

Your faithful readership of our website and blog cause me to conclude, “It was a very good year!”

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