A Miesner-Fritsche Connection

I am headed back into the Jacob, Illinois Miesner family again today.  Just a matter of days ago, we published a story titled, Miesner/Miesner Marriage.  Farther back in time, there was another post from this family titled, A Fritsche-Miesner Connection.  That was a story of a Fritsche male marrying a Miesner female.  Today, we will discuss the marriage of a Miesner male marrying a Fritsche female.  That is why I flipped the names in the title above.  All three of these Miesner marriages involvd siblings in the same family.  Another post written recently went back even farther into this Miesner family.  That story was titled, Brought by an Angel.

First of all, I need to tell you why today’s story showed up on my radar.  Otto Heinrich Miesner was born on this day in 1903.  He was the son of Heinrich and Anna (Guetersloh) Miesner.  Here are photos of his parents.


Otto was baptized at Christ Lutheran Church in Jacob, Illinois.  Here is that baptism record.

Otto Miesner baptism record Christ Jacob IL
Otto Miesner baptism record – Christ, Jacob, IL

While I’m discussing baptism records, I will show the baptism record of Otto’s future bride, Rosalie Fritsche.  She was born on January 31, 1903, making her just a matter of months older than Otto.  Rosalie was the daughter of Robert and Lena (Darnstaedt) Fritsche.  Here is her baptism record from the same church.

Rosalie Fritsche baptism record Christ Jacob IL
Rosalie Fritsche baptism record – Christ, Jacob, IL

If you look at the numbers in the left column, you will see that Rosalie was the 2nd child baptized in 1903 at Christ Lutheran, and Otto was the 8th one.  I figured that these two may have been in the same confirmation class at Christ, but that was not the case.  Rosalie was confirmed by herself in the spring of 1916, about two weeks after the regular confirmation class that year, and Otto was confirmed in 1917.  Maybe Rosalie was sick and missed being confirmed with the rest of her class.

The first census in which we find Otto is the 1910 census.  His parents were living in the Fountain Bluff Township in Jackson County, Illinois.  Otto was 6 years old and his father was a farmer.

Otto Miesner 1910 census Jacob IL
1910 census –  Jacob, IL

Otto and Rosalie were married on September 8, 1927 at Christ Lutheran Church.  Here is the record from those church books.

Miesner Fritsche marriage record Christ Jacob IL
Miesner/Fritsche marriage record – Christ, Jacob, IL

I believe the word, Pfarrhause, that you see in this record means “parsonage”.  September 8th was a Thursday in 1927.  I do not have a wedding photo, but here are some photos of Otto and Rosalie at a fairly early age.


The 1930 census has the Miesners living in Kincaid Township in Jackson County.  Otto was a farmer.  Their first child, Pearl, was born by this time.

Otto Miesner 1930 census Kincaid Township IL
1930 census – Kincaid Township, IL

Here is a map of Jackson County showing the relative locations of the Fountain Bluff Township (where Jacob, Illinois is located) and Kincaid Township.

Jackson County IL map

Two boys would be born later.  They were Reno and Marvin Miesner.  Here are photos of the three children at various ages.  From left to right: Pearl, Reno, and Marvin.


The 1940 census shows this family back in Fountain Bluff Township.  I have just shown Otto’s occupation in this image to show that it has changed.  He was now a tavern owner.

Otto Miesner 1940 census Jacob IL occupation
1940 census – Fountain Bluff Township, IL

Sometime along the way, the Miesner family moved to St. Louis.  When Otto died in 1958, his death certificate says he was living there.

Otto Miesner death certificate
Otto Miesner death certificate

This form says Otto was a machinist for the Curtis Manufacturing Company.  I found this advertisement for a company by this name that was located near Pagedale, Missouri.

Curtis Manufacturing Co St. Louis

When Rosalie died in 1978, her obituary stated that she was a member of Grace Lutheran Church in Pagedale.  Even though both Otto and Rosalie died in St. Louis, they are buried together in the Christ Lutheran Cemetery in Jacob, Illinois.  Here is their gravestone.

Otto and Rosalie Miesner gravestone Christ Jacob IL
Otto and Rosalie Miesner gravestone – Christ, Jacob, IL

One of the nice things about a Miesner marrying a Fritsche is the fact that both these families were interested in taking photographs to preserve their family history.  I am going to include two photo galleries here, one for Otto’s Miesner family and one for Rosalie’s Fritsche family.  I’ll start with the Miesners.  (Click to enlarge)


Next we have some photos highlighting Rosalie.


Just one final note:  Lori Adams commented on a post recently about this photo of Claus Miesner’s family.  She pointed out that the man on the left in the photo was not really present for this photo.  Someone cut his image out of another photo and pasted it onto this one to make the photo include all of the siblings.  I guess you could say it’s the first type of attempting to “photoshop” a picture.

Claus Miesner & Children
Herman, Ernst, Anna, Emanuel, Gottlieb, Fred, John, Henry Claus Miesner Bef 1932 Anna’s house Jacob IL

Otto’s father, Henry, is the man standing on the far right.  Claus Miesner, sitting in front, would have been Otto’s grandfather.

2 thoughts on “A Miesner-Fritsche Connection

  1. I am Ray Hollmann, great grandson of Engle Miesner Hollmann and I learned she was an angel in the history mentioned in the Ava Citizen. I also worked at Curtis mfg with Otto the summer of 1950. If you threw a rock in Jacob, it would hit a relative. Fairview Hts, IL


  2. I am Kevin Reno Miesner. My father was Reno Otto Miesner. Otto Miesner was my grandfather, Rose was my grandmother.
    There were some very interesting things in this article. I was not aware that grandpa was a machinist / machine tool builder. I have been in that profession for almost 30 years now. My son Mike is a machinist.
    Thank you.


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