Yet Another Photograph Story

The story I ran across for today just so happens to cross paths with the post we published yesterday about the Lueders photographs.  In fact, today’s story centers around another photograph taken at a Lueders family event.  This story starts with the birthday of Paula Lueders, who was a granddaughter of the August Lueders discussed in yesterday’s post.  I sometimes refer to this branch as the Frohna Lueders, as opposed to the other branch, which I call the Wittenberg Lueders.

Paula Lueders was born on September 12, 1889 in Frohna and baptized at Concordia Lutheran Church.  She was the daughter of Charles and Susanna (Palisch) Lueders.  This is her baptism record.

Paula Lueders baptism record Concordia Frohna MO
Paula Lueders baptism record – Concordia, Frohna, MO

You can see in this record that a mistake was made, and the correction was done by crossing out the incorrect names.  The recorder apparently put the names in the wrong columns.

The first census in which we find Paula was the 1900 census from Frohna.

Paula Lueders 1900 census Frohna MO
1900 census – Frohna, MO

Paula is one of the girls in this photo of the Charles Lueders family.  She was not the oldest, nor was she the youngest.  I’ll let you decide which one she is.  I do not know for sure.

Charles Lueders family Frohna
Charles Lueders family

In 1910, we find Paula living with a family in St. Louis and working as a servant.

Paula Lueders 1910 census St. Louis MO
1910 census – St. Louis, MO

The photo that I will be showing is one that was taken on Paula’s wedding day which took place on October 12, 1913.  She married Otto Bergt, also of Frohna, except by the time this marriage had taken place, Otto was living in Nebraska.

Otto Bergt was born on November 7, 1881 and baptized at Concordia Lutheran Church.  His parents were Julius and Emma (Noennig) Bergt.  This is his baptism record.

Otto Bergt baptism record Concordia Frohna MO
Otto Bergt baptism record – Concordia, Frohna, MO

He is found in the 1900 census living with the Johannes Kramer family as a farm laborer.

Otto Bergt 1900 census Frohna MO
1900 census – Frohna, MO

Sometime before his marriage in 1913, Otto moved to Cheyenne County, Nebraska.  This fact is noted on his marriage record in the Concordia Lutheran books.

Bergt Lueders marriage record Concordia Frohna MO
Bergt/Lueders marriage record – Concordia, Frohna, MO

His marriage license also notes this fact, although it is a little more difficult to read.

Bergt Lueders marriage license
Bergt/Lueders marriage license

That leads us up the photo.  This one was taken on the occasion of the wedding reception for Otto and Paula’s marriage.  The reception was held at the home of Paula’s parents, Charles and Susanna Lueders which was located next door to the Lueders Store in Frohna.

Otto and Paula Bergt wedding
Bergt/Lueders wedding reception

When I located this photograph, it was accompanied by a description of some of the people found in the photo.  Dorene Grebing can be credited with this description.

Otto and Paula Bergt wedding photo description

As I was traveling through Frohna today, I took the opportunity to take a quick photo of the house found in the wedding reception photograph.  So this is what that house looks like today.  I was careful to put the corner of the brick Lueders Store building on the edge of the photo, just as in the 1913 photograph.

Charles Lueders house Frohna

This house is also located across Main Street from the East Perry Pub.

When Otto filled out his World War I draft registration, he was living in Cheyenne County, Nebraska.


Otto and Paula had three children, two girls and a boy.  This page of the 1930 census from Cheyenne County includes Otto Bergt and his family.

Otto Bergt 1930 census Davison NE
1930 census – Cheyenne County, NE

If you look at the last three columns which show birthplaces of the person and their father and mother, you will see plenty of Missouri’s.  You will see the names Gemeinhardt, Aurich, Schlichting, Bergt, and Mueller.  These are all Perry County, Missouri names.

Otto’s World War II draft card shows him living in Potter, Nebraska.

Otto Bergt – WWII draft card

Otto was a farmer in Nebraska the rest of his life.  He died in Potter in 1966.  Paula died in 1987 in Los Angeles where she was likely living with one of her daughters.  Here is a California index that documents her death.

Paula Bergt CA death index

Despite dying in California, Paula’s body was taken back to Nebraska where she was buried with Otto.  They are buried together in the St. Paul’s Lutheran Cemetery in Gurley, Nebraska.

Otto and Paula Bergt gravestone St. Paul's Gurley NE
Otto and Paula Bergt gravestone – St. Paul’s, Gurley, NE

I cannot help but wonder if the Bergt/Lueders wedding reception photo was taken by Paul Lueders, who would have been called Uncle Paul by Paula.




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