Kipping Up with the Meyer’s and the Lohmann’s

Maybe in English communities, you can talk about “Keeping Up with the Jones’s”, but from our German community comes a story of “Kipping Up with the Meyer’s and the Lohmann’s”. We begin with a birthday girl. Augusta Maria Magdalena Meyer was born on October 2, 1897, so she would be celebrating a special 125th birthday … More Kipping Up with the Meyer’s and the Lohmann’s

Baptism Triplets

I am going to begin this post today by explaining the process that I use to discover a story to write. If you are a regular reader of this blog, you already know that I usually tell the tale of someone who has a birthday or wedding anniversary happening on the day that I write … More Baptism Triplets

A Diefenbach Duo

I have written several stories over the years that begin with a rather lonely church record and then proceed to take place beyond the confines of our German Family Tree. Today, you will read another one of those tales. The only record in our GFT for a man by the name of Ernst Andrew Diefenbach … More A Diefenbach Duo

200 Years for a Buck

As we proceed through the year 2022, I find it difficult to ignore a birthday that occurred in 1822. Since that year was well before the Gesellschaft arrived in Perry County, such a birth had to take place back in the German homeland. I discovered such a story for today’s post. Margaretha Buck was born … More 200 Years for a Buck