Italian Glass

Many of the stories I write are about people who came to America in the 1800’s.  Many are about people of German descent.  Many are about people who lived their lives in Perry County, Missouri.  Today’s story is about none of those, although, as always, it does have Perry County connections. Sylvester Albano was born … More Italian Glass

From Hotel to Hospital

We have already written several posts about the Wagner Hotel and the Wagner family. Just What Went on at the Wagner Hotel? More Hotel History A Lonesome Tombstone Today, the saga continues.  And there is likely to be another post after today. Today’s story starts by looking at the death certificate of Martin Louis Wagner, … More From Hotel to Hospital


We don’t have much of a blog today.  The reason.  Gerard Fiehler and I got sidetracked.  We started by looking at some more Wagner info that we got thanks to our friend, Kathy Berkbigler, then found a Dr. Schulz, which led us to a Busch, and we ended looking at the Anheuser-Busch Brewing Corporation, including … More Sidetracked

A Lonesome Tombstone

Yesterday, Gerard Fiehler and I solved a mystery.  Last week in a blog post, it was said that we did not know where two Wagner men were buried.  Now we at least know where one of those two ended up. We were at the museum yesterday talking to one of our more seasoned docents, Caroline … More A Lonesome Tombstone

More Hotel History

Yesterday, our blog, Just What Went on at the Wagner Hotel?, told some stories about the Wagner Hotel which was once located in Altenburg, Missouri.  Today, we will look at a few more stories involving that establishment. We mentioned yesterday that Gustave Wagner and his wife, Theresa, first ran the hotel.  For a while, Gustave, … More More Hotel History