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Wittenberg '03 cover“Wittenberg ’03: Coming of a Church” by Warren Schmidt is a work of historical fiction with the setting of one of the original settlements that developed from the original immigration to this area in 1839.  Real characters from the river town of Wittenberg, Missouri have become the characters in this book.  A new church, a new railroad, and new romances all take place in this narration from the year 1903.






One Furrow at a Time

“One Furrow at a Time” by Charles Rauh documents the history of the 1838-1839 German immigration to Perry County, Missouri from the perspective of a layman.







Mama Buenger

“Mama Buenger: Mother of a Synod” by Warren Schmidt is a work of historical fiction depicting the events which occurred in the family of Christiane Buenger from 1839-1849. Her family was very instrumental in the founding of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod.

***A portion of the proceeds from the sale of these books benefits the Lutheran Heritage Center & Museum.





Altenburg book

“Altenburg, Missouri” by Mary Dillon tells the history of Altenburg, Missouri and surrounding communities through both words and pictures. The stories of many of the founding families of the East Perry County area are chronicled here.






“Blog Book: The First 110 Blog Posts 2016” is a publication produced by our museum.  It contains the first 100 posts on our blog which began at the end of January in 2016.  We did not include posts that just mentioned current events taking place at the museum.  The posts included are ones which required research by our staff.  It is 141 pages, plus it includes an index which should be helpful in locating the posts which may interest you.

Disclaimer:  This booklet was merely printed by using a local copy machine.  It is not top-notch print quality.




BlogBook 2 photo

“Blog Book 2: The Second 100 Blog Posts from 2016” is the second in a series of our Blog Book publications.  It continues where Blog Book 2 left off and contains the next 100 posts.  It is 227 pages.  It contains posts from June 10th until October 8th of 2016.  It also contains an index of names.





Blog Book 3

“Blog Book 3: 100 Blog Posts Oct. 2016-Jan. 2017”  is the third in a series of our Blog Book publications.  It contains blog posts from October in 2016 until January of 2017.  It is 273 pages.  There is no index in this edition.






Blog Book 4 photo

“Blog Book 4: 50 Blog Posts January-March 2017” is the fourth in a series of our Blog Book publications.








Blog Book 5“Blog Book 5:  50 Blog Posts March – July 2017” is the fifth in a series of our Blog Book publications.








Blog Book 6“Blog Book 6:  50 Blog Posts July – September 2017” is the sixth in a series of our Blog Book publications.