Explore East Perry County’s German Heritage

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In 1838, approximately 700 Saxon Germans left their homes, farms, businesses and all they knew behind to embark on the dangerous sea voyage to America. Finding new homes in St. Louis and then Perry County, Missouri, they rebuilt their lives and formed communities which endure to this day. Discover their hardships, tragedies and triumphs and explore the families, churches, farms and businesses they established which make East Perry County a unique and truly authentic American landscape.


Tales of Tears Turned to Triumph

Ship in a storm

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Bridge Construction on Highway “A”



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Long-term Exhibits


Explore our exhibit galleries to discover the people and places of East Perry County. Encounter the Saxon Germans Immigrants who arrived here in 1839 and the churches, farms and businesses they struggled to establish. Learn how their experiences and hard work provided the foundation and set the example for our communities today.

Research Library


oriThe Starzinger Family Research Library is the home of the Zion Roots Research Project. It is an outstanding collection of resources which assist in researching your family history if it has any connection to Perry County, Missouri. The library is open during our business hours, from 10 am – 4 pm daily. The library can be used free of charge, but donations are certainly welcome.

Guided Tours

For the complete museum experience, consider a guided tour of the museum complex. This includes the exhibit galleries plus a tour of the Log Cabin College, Loeber Cabin and Trinity Lutheran Church. For more information, see the Plan a Visit page. Admission is free to the exhibits and to take the tour.

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