Martin and Martha

Martin Peter Bachmann was born on October 15, 1870.  A year from today, he will be celebrating his 150th birthday, but I don’t feel like waiting till next year to write his story.  You get it today.  According to a family book we have that was put together by Wayne Schuessler, it indicates that Martin … More Martin and Martha

Gottfried’s Travels and Trials

Ernst Gottfried Weber would be celebrating his 150th birthday today because he was born on October 11, 1869.  As it turns out, Gottfried had quite the trip through life, spending time in several locations and experiencing some difficulties in the process. Gottfried (sometimes called Fred) was the son of Herman and Pauline (Braeutigam-Schroeder) Weber.  Gottfried’s … More Gottfried’s Travels and Trials

The Front Porch

If you drive across America these days, you may notice that something is disappearing.  It is the front porch.  Most newer homes have been built with little or no front porch.  In its place, you find decks or patios, and those are almost always located in the back of those houses.  Nowadays, when family members … More The Front Porch