Shoemaker to Carpenter

Herman Benjamin Kuntze is today’s birthday boy.  He was born on July 30, 1885.  Herman’s parents were Wilhelm and Susanna (Grosse) Kuntze.  His father was a shoemaker in Altenburg who had come to America around 1870 with his first wife, Wilhelmina, who died in April of 1877.  Wilhelm remarried later that same year in October … More Shoemaker to Carpenter

Pastor Castor

Today would have been the 116th birthday of Henry Carmon Castor who was born on July 28, 1901.  His birthplace is not one that would be expected in a blog that focuses on Perry County, Missouri.  This boy was born in Concord, North Carolina which is located in Cabarrus County.  However, the area in which … More Pastor Castor

Estel in a China Shop

One of the reasons I decided to write today’s story is because I found a baptism record for today’s character from the church where this event took place in Germany.  Here is an image of that record. I find this kind of record fascinating.  The handwriting is beautiful, despite the fact that there is very … More Estel in a China Shop

Teacher Foelber

Two marriages are recorded in the Trinity Lutheran Church records for July 26, 1891.  I will focus most of this post’s attention on one of them, but the other one brings up some interesting questions.  That marriage is the one between Herman Foelber and Ida Bischoff. The church record and the Missouri marriage license that … More Teacher Foelber

Just One Kramer Left

The Johann Gottfried Kramer family in Paitzdorf, Germany must have been going through preparations for a dramatic move from their homeland to America during that year of 1838.  Johann Gottfried was a cartwright….a wagon maker…..and must have had to sell his business and many of his tools before their anticipated trip.  They must have had … More Just One Kramer Left

Another Dear Dreyer

Our patrons learn that sometimes you have to hunt me down for a little visit.  This awesome guy, Leonard Dreyer did just that last Thursday.  It was my day to be at the Cape County History Center in Jackson.  My Lutheran pals are known to show up there as well!  He came in to look … More Another Dear Dreyer