Ace High

One of the highlights of today’s program at our immigration conference will be the premiere showing of a film produced by our museum titled, Fearless. It is a video highlighting the life of a famous World War II fighter pilot, Ray Littge, who was born and raised in Altenburg. This video will be available in … More Ace High

Ben and Frieda

The Lutheran Heritage Center & Museum is hosting its immigration conference the next three days, so we will be re-blogging some posts that have been published in the past. Today, you have the opportunity to read a post that was published on this day two years ago.

Crosstown Couples

Today is the anniversary of a couple that was married in Farrar, but then became members of Zion Lutheran Church in Crosstown for most of their lives. The husband, after his first wife died, would marry again at the Crosstown church. I will begin with that husband and discuss his early life. Johann Berthold Steffens … More Crosstown Couples

Rev. Martin and Martha

Regular readers of this blog might remember that there have already been several posts that have included a combination of the names, Martin and Martha. You will be reading yet another one of those posts today, one that includes a Lutheran pastor with the name, Martin. I suppose it’s only appropriate that a Rev. Martin … More Rev. Martin and Martha