Create Your Own Putzen

I began collecting tiny paper Putz houses 15 years ago when then Historical Society Pres., Leonard Kuehnert told me about them. Museum founder, Vernon Meyr had a few of them in his grandparent’s collection. His Christmas ornament collection was used for our very first Christmas exhibit 15 years ago next month. Putzen are traditional small … More Create Your Own Putzen

The 42nd Passion Play in Oberammergau 2020

Over the years, we have attempted to plan or promote educational fun experiences as a part of our mission here.  We are fortunate in the next year to participate in trips to Germany and Switzerland, sponsored by our friends at “Purposeful Journeys by Malone Clan Expeditions, LLC.”  We are not sponsoring these trips in any … More The 42nd Passion Play in Oberammergau 2020

Our Spider Story

The ‘Legend of the Spiders’ is not a Halloween story at our site. It is a beautiful Christmas story. It is a popular folk tale commonly shared across the Ukraine and also in Germany. There are numerous variations of the story, but most of them end up with the beautiful glistening spider’s webs creating tinsel … More Our Spider Story