Teacher Meyr

Having been a Lutheran teacher during my career, I am especially partial to writing stories that involve individuals who also entered that profession. The churches in East Perry County have provided plenty of fodder for writing such stories because this area has sent so many people into full time church work. You will be reading … More Teacher Meyr

Flora and Otto – A Koenig/Meyr Pair

In several previous posts, I have referred to a certain “neighborhood” found near New Wells, Missouri as the “Koenig-Koch-Haertling Neighborhood”. I derived that term from seeing so many census pages from the Shawnee Township that list families with those surnames in successive censuses. It’s like these families remained neighbors for many, many years. Today’s post … More Flora and Otto – A Koenig/Meyr Pair

Directing the Lutheran Heritage Center & Museum

The Perry County Lutheran Historical Society has been in existence since 1910, when it took on its mission of preserving the Log Cabin College. We still include that task as part of our mission, but the activities of the historical society go well beyond that these days. In 2005, thanks to a generous donation from … More Directing the Lutheran Heritage Center & Museum

And Then There Were Two

There seems to be some dispute about when the steamboat Clyde arrived in St. Louis with the immigrants that had voyaged across the Atlantic aboard the Johann Georg.  However, an article in a St. Louis newspaper said that the Clyde had arrived on January 24, 1839, so that is the date that is agreeable to…

Regina’s Bicentennial Jubilee

Last year in March, I wrote the story of Justine Goethe’s 200th birthday, Justine’s Bicentennial Jubilee. There were 4 Goethe girls in that family, with Justine being the oldest. The time has come now to celebrate the 200th birthday of the second-born child in that family. Regina Goethe was born on December 9, 1822 in…

A Disappearing Winter

f today’s tale was told in a previous post titled, Learning Latin from a Blacksmith’s Son. However that post highlighted a son of today’s couple. I am returning to this story to focus more on the parents. I even found another bride for the father. It seems like it is a daily occurrence that I … More A Disappearing Winter

To California from Frohna by Way of Colorado and Minnesota

Marie Fredericke Blanken was born on January 19, 1888, so she is today’s birthday girl. She would have to blow out 135 candles on her birthday cake if she was still alive. Marie was the daughter of Dietrich and Maria (Eisenberg) Blanken. Marie was the 4th of 10 children born to her mother and the … More To California from Frohna by Way of Colorado and Minnesota