Farrar Fastballs

September 29, 1935 was the day that Hilda Detjen married Walter Luehrs at Salem Lutheran Church in Farrar, Missouri.  This marriage drew my attention because when I attended Concordia Teachers College in Seward, Nebraska, there were two young men attending there from Perry County, one of them named Gerald Luehrs, and the other named Dean … More Farrar Fastballs

Often in a Coffin

This past week our museum received a donation from Kathy Miesner of a beautiful piece of furniture.  One of the things that makes this piece of furniture unique is the fact that on the back side it is stamped with “G.A.O. Altenburg MO”.  That means that this item was either made or sold by the … More Often in a Coffin

Joyous is the Price

If you have spent much time with me, you have heard me say, “Everything from neurosurgery to belly dancing is about relationships.”  One of my best pals is a neurosurgeon, and I’ve always thought that belly dancing was cool, but I have never seen this type of dancing from my personal experience. I finally met … More Joyous is the Price

Another Fair Day

Saturday was another great day at the East Perry Community Fair.  Once again, the story is told mostly with pictures.  Enjoy. We begin with a tractor pull…..of sorts. Fair food.  The ribbon fries.  A messy, cheesy, tasty treat. Famous Missouri Mules on display. And some bovines. Children have a knack for finding places to have … More Another Fair Day