Tell It Like It Was

I am posting this blog under my own name today, not the Research Crew, because I will be stating some of my opinions, not just the facts. Today’s story begins with the fact that Friedrich Immanuel Estel was born on this day, April 30, in 1832, before he came to America as part of the … More Tell It Like It Was

President Buenger (1893-1927)

Theodore Heinrich Carl Buenger was born on April 29, 1860 in Chicago, Illinois.  His parents, Theodore Ernst and Martha (Loeber) Buenger, were married twelve years earlier in Altenburg, with Martha’s father, Rev. Gotthold Loeber, officiating the wedding.  Theodore Ernst was a teacher and principal at Immanuel First Lutheran School in Chicago.  Young Theodore became a … More President Buenger (1893-1927)

Happy Birthday

Edgar Dreyer, of Frohna has a smile that can light up a room.  His deep harmonious voice reflects the accent of his Saxon ancestors.  Edgar is a treasure in Perry County.  When he walks through the door his head nearly grazes the frame–a gentle giant.  He provided many of our early church book translations, and … More Happy Birthday

So Close, Yet So Far

Today’s story is one that is personal for the Research Crew.  The couple shown above is connected to both the family of Warren Schmidt and the family of Gerard Fiehler.  On this day in 1868, the couple shown in the photo above was married.  George Loebs had recently become co-owner of a brewery in St. … More So Close, Yet So Far

Keepers and Tellers

Today is the birthday of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod (except that was not its original name).  First of all, let me say that Perry County is not where the Missouri Synod started.  In fact, you could argue that many folks in Perry County fought against the formation of a synod, and there are no churches … More Keepers and Tellers

The Birth of an Angel

Engel Sohpia Mangels was born on April 24, 1881 in Farrar, Missouri.  She was the daughter of Johann Peter and Engel (Mahnken) Mangels.  Both mother and daughter bore the name Engel, which in German means “angel”.  Engel Sophia would eventually marry Johann Claus Miessner and have seven children.  One tragic event took place when Engel … More The Birth of an Angel