The 3M Company

Martha Marie Telle was born on June 30, 1870.  When she later married Gottfried Heinrich Mueller, she became Martha Marie Mueller.  Thus, the reason for the reference to 3M in the title.  Today’s story is about this Martha’s family.  I say “this” Martha because she is not the only Martha Telle who lived in the … More The 3M Company

The Perilous Journey of Some Early Lamstedt Immigrants

The author of today’s post is once again Fred Eggers.  He is an outstanding researcher and has written this story with connections to his own family.  It is a fascinating tale of a man’s survival during the calamity of a steamboat burning on the Mississippi River.  This account also contains information that is important in … More The Perilous Journey of Some Early Lamstedt Immigrants

An O-K Couple

Otto Oswald was born on June 26, 1865 in Chester, Illinois.  Anna Kaempfe was also born in Illinois.  When she was born in 1875, her family was living in Millstadt, Illinois.  However, when these two were married in 1893, their marriage took place in Frohna, Missouri because both of these families had moved to Perry … More An O-K Couple

Fischer Heartbreak

There were ten children born into the Edward Fischer family between 1893 and 1913.  Nine of them were boys.  Sadly, the mother of this family, Katie (Kuennel) Fischer, witnessed the funerals of seven of her children before her own death. The reason this story hit my radar today is that one of those sons, Rudolph … More Fischer Heartbreak

Market Mates

June 24th was the birthday of Max Rauh.  His given name was Martin Friedrich Rauh and he was born in 1906.  His parents were Ernst and Emma (Wirth) Rauh.  Early in his life, Max was a member of Peace Lutheran in Friedenberg where his parents had been married.  Somewhere along the line, Martin started carrying … More Market Mates