Hungry for Autumn Color and a “Warren” of School Kids!

Time to stop and count blessings again today. It’s only Wednesday and we have 1/2 of a floor on the new wing of the Lutheran Heritage Center, we had another awesome Bible Study on our journey with the Psalms, and progress in the archives is becoming measurable (what a relief.) In the lower level archives, … More Hungry for Autumn Color and a “Warren” of School Kids!

Yet Another “Cross the Creek” Wedding

Emma Caroline Weber would be celebrating her 130th birthday today.  She was born on July 28, 1890, the daughter of Herman and Wilhelmine (Hoffmann) Weber.  That makes her one the members of the “Ridge Webers”.  Emma was baptized at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Altenburg.  Below is her baptism record in two images. A civil birth … More Yet Another “Cross the Creek” Wedding

An Epidemic Survivor

The summer of 1849 in St. Louis, Missouri, especially the month of July, bears a certain resemblance to the present-day coronavirus pandemic.  A previous post on this blog described what was happening during the Cholera Epidemic that devastated that city and especially the Lutheran church located there, Old Trinity Lutheran Church.  That post was titled, … More An Epidemic Survivor

Cousin Baptism Twins

I did notice one of the main characters in today’s story in a document I looked at yesterday.  However, it was not until I started searching for a person to write about for today that I decided to use that same document for this post. Let’s start by looking at that document.  It was shared … More Cousin Baptism Twins

A Carpenter’s Son

Jesus was a carpenter’s son.  He went on to carry out the mission of his Heavenly Father.  Although I begin with the birthday of a girl in Perry County today, I will use that event to kick off the story of one of her sons.  That son was also the son of a carpenter, and … More A Carpenter’s Son