The Replica

The story I tell today fascinates me.  Maybe it does because I am making some assumptions in telling the story.  In other words, I’m making some of this stuff up based on some basic facts that can found in historical records.  It is the story of the replica of the Log Cabin College that can … More The Replica

Gross Grocery

We have a birthday girl today.  Her name was Lydia Dreyer, and she was born on November 29, 1896.  She was baptized at Trinity Lutheran Church in Altenburg.  Her parents were Heinrich and Emma (Hesse) Dreyer.  Emma Hesse was one of the members of the Hesse family that was discussed in a recent post written … More Gross Grocery

Old Town and Low Town

I am going to share a story today with plenty of plot twists.  I hope I can keep it all straight.  It all starts with the birthday of Pauline Holt on November 28, 1873.  She was baptized at Immanuel Lutheran Church in New Wells, Missouri.  She was the daughter of Joseph and Wilhelmina (Mueller) Holt.  … More Old Town and Low Town

They Bring Their Best

Those who know me, often hear my stories of “the widow’s mite.”  The LCMS tradition in the Lutheran Women’s Missionary League of collecting mites (coins) in special little boxes is the theme of one of our Christmas trees in the exhibit this year.  What LWML does with those mites is a mammoth tradition of benevolence. … More They Bring Their Best

Shifting Schaefers

Today would have been the 91st anniversary of Herman and Thekla.  Or was it Benjamin and Onita.  On their Perry County marriage license we see them as Benjamin and Onita. On a gravestone, they are Herman and Thekla.  I am going to use Herman and Thekla. Not only did the names they used shift during … More Shifting Schaefers

Sandler the Smithy

I have written about one of today’s characters before.  Twice, in fact.  I wrote a story about his parents……Watching So Many Children Die, and I wrote a story about one of his sons……..Finding a Job and a Wife in the Big City.  Today would be the 139th anniversary of his marriage, so I chose to … More Sandler the Smithy

A Bird Lands in Byrd

Instead of leaving you wondering, I will begin today by explaining the title to this post.  In the German language, the word for bird is vogel.  We will tell the story of Ernst Heinrich Vogel today.  Although he lived in several locations in our general area, one of his landing spots was in Byrd Township … More A Bird Lands in Byrd