New Year’s Eve in New Orleans

The first ship that was part of the Gesellschaft, the Copernicus, arrived in New Orleans on December 31, 1838.  What they would experience there would both amaze them and disgust them.  Arriving on New Year’s Eve would add to that experience. As a result of the Louisiana Purchase, the American flag would first be flown…

Grosse Pfeiffer

I will begin with a discussion of German words today. The word, grosse, in German can be translated to the word large in English. I also found evidence that the German surname, Pfeiffer, can be translated as fifer, one who plays the fife. When I think of a fife, I think of a fife and … More Grosse Pfeiffer

Angels’ Children

The Christmas season is the time of year when we hear of angels most often. That’s one of the reasons that I could not resist today’s story. You will read about a couple in which both the bride and groom were the children of angels. Of course, you must understand that in German, the word … More Angels’ Children

Louis and Nettie

Alois Gottlieb Reisenbichler was born on the day after Christmas in 1869, so if he was still alive today, he would be celebrating his 151st birthday. This boy would be called Louis during his life. He was the son of Gottlieb and Anna (Putz) Reisenbichler. One interesting fact we find in this Reisenbichler family is … More Louis and Nettie

Vintage Perry County Christmas

We ran across this old picture from our photo morgue at the museum and figured it was worth a blog post. There is evidence in the photograph above that it was taken inside the home of Vernon Meyr, the long-time president of the Perry County Lutheran Historical Society.  Gerard Fiehler has a piece of Vernon’s…