A Slew of Schuessler and Steffens Surnames

Roland Julius Gottlob Schuessler is today’s birthday boy. If he was still alive, he would be celebrating one of those special birthdays. He would be 125 years old. Roland was born on November 28, 1897, the son of Ferdinand and Juliane (Rabold) Schuessler. Roland was the first of 2 children born into this Schuessler family, … More A Slew of Schuessler and Steffens Surnames

The Comeback of the Johann Georg

The people that may have been gathered at the riverfront in what would eventually become Wittenberg, Missouri on Thursday, December 12th in 1839 probably did not expect the arrival of around 140 more German immigrants.  A few might have been aware that another group of immigrants was supposed to arrive someday soon, but in the…

Piano Man

A rather interesting marriage took place on November 26, 1845 in Altenburg, Missouri.? The circumstances that make this story interesting are the ones that occurred before this wedding took place.? However, at this point, I will quickly mention that the wedding we will discuss today was the fourth wedding that took place in the new…

The Oldest Immigrant

I have mentioned before that I do not often look at dates of death when locating stories to tell on this blog, but today is such a case.  In fact, for the individual we will look at today, the death record is all we have.  We do not know a birth date, a wedding record,…

From Shawnee Township, MO to Shawnee County, KS

A marriage took place on this date 150 years ago. Just yesterday, I composed a post that had connections to a recently-published story titled, Pocahontas Mueller’s. The couple celebrating a special anniversary today once again is connected to that story…from two different directions. It is another story which links together a couple in which the … More From Shawnee Township, MO to Shawnee County, KS

Another Emma Thomas

I chose today’s story for a different reason than most posts that I write. I rarely find a story based on a baptism date. However, the girl I will highlight in this post got my attention anyway. First of all, she had the same name as another woman in a post I wrote recently titled, … More Another Emma Thomas

Pioneer Starzingers

The research library at the Lutheran Heritage Center & Museum is called the Starzinger Family Research Library, thanks to a generous donation from people that were descendants of that clan. Today, I hope to tell the story of the original members of the Starzinger family to arrive in our area. That means I have to … More Pioneer Starzingers