Adolph and Frieda – The Palisch’s

Frieda Ida Mathilde Jungclaus, if she was still alive, would be celebrating a special birthday today. She was born on February 25, 1898, making today her 125th birthday. Frieda was the daughter of Herman and Elizabeth (Weber) Jungclaus. A post was written about Frieda’s parents called Ridge Romance Repeat. Frieda’s baptism took place at Immanuel … More Adolph and Frieda – The Palisch’s

Gesellschaft Gal Celebrates Bicentennial Birthday

Today, you will be reading the story of a woman who was part of the original Stephanite immigration in 1839 that was called the Gesellschaft. She would be celebrating her 200th birthday because she was born on February 24, 1823. The man who would become her husband was also part of the Gesellschaft. However, neither … More Gesellschaft Gal Celebrates Bicentennial Birthday

Dual Landings

Once in a while, I discover that two familiar events happened on the same day.  I have to tell the story of two of those today.  One event was the landing of a boat; the other a landing of a ship.  One event took place fairly close by in St. Louis; the other took place…