Otto’s Oda

Two prominent families in the city of Wittenberg, Missouri during its heyday were the Lueders and Weinhold families.  Previous stories have been written about both these families.  Today’s birthday girl was the product of a marriage between members of these two families.  That couple was made up of Otto Lueders and Lydia Weinhold.  Although Otto … More Otto’s Oda

Kids from a Kassel

Today’s birthday boy did not even have to wait for his baptism to be called a Christian.  That’s because his name was Christian Kassel.  He was born on September 29, 1861.  Christian was the son of Philip and Fredericka (Bueltman) Kassel.  Although I cannot find any documentation, I believe that Christian was born in Egypt … More Kids from a Kassel

Mahnken or Mahnke?

Heinrich Mahnken was born on September 26, 1846.  Or was it Heinrich Mahnke who was born on this day?  This question puzzled me as I looked into today’s story.  One of these two was the grandfather of the woman who married Richard Popp, who was a teacher at Trinity Lutheran School in Altenburg for several … More Mahnken or Mahnke?

Escape to Eden

I really debated whether to tell today’s story.  There indeed are some events that I decide not to include in posts.  Suicides are a type of occurrence that I choose on occasion to leave out of stories.  There are no suicides in today’s story, but it does include circumstances that must have been hard for … More Escape to Eden

Hazelwood’s Final Book in the East Perry County Series will be Here Sunday, Oct. 1

Are you eager to hear all of the exciting outcomes of the wonderful East Perry County fictional quilting series by Ann Hazelwood?  Stop by the Lutheran Heritage Center next Sunday, Oct. 1 to visit with Ann and to have her sign a copy of the final book in this series.  She will be here from … More Hazelwood’s Final Book in the East Perry County Series will be Here Sunday, Oct. 1