Brewer’s Daughter; Coal Miner’s Wife; Baker; Laundress

Today’s birthday girl can be described using so many names, as indicated in the title of this post.  That list is not even complete, as you will later read.  This girl’s family could trace their ancestry back to the Gesellschaft in 1839, but by the time of her birth, her parents were living across the … More Brewer’s Daughter; Coal Miner’s Wife; Baker; Laundress

Search Box Moved

Meetings will keep me from publishing a regular post today, but I did want to let you know that we have moved the “Search” box on this website farther up towards the top of each page.  I have heard that some have found it a little difficult to find this search box.  This is an … More Search Box Moved

A Sign of Promise

Perhaps you have seen on the news that the Mississippi River Valley has been experiencing quite a lot of flooding this year.  It may not have been the highest flood in history in the East Perry County area, but it has been record-setting in its duration.  All indications are that we are finally at the … More A Sign of Promise

Another Martin Mueller

This has happened to me on several occasions.  After writing story about some East Perry County personality, a day or two later, I find another character who had the same name.   Yesterday, there was a Martin Mueller mentioned in the story.  He was the young man who married his step-sister, Elise Brandes.  Today, I ran … More Another Martin Mueller

Fives are Wild

A birth took place on the (5)2 day of the month.  It took place in the year ’55.  And it was the 5th baptism to take place at Salem Lutheran Church in Farrar, Missouri.  The Math teacher still in me noticed a bunch of 5’s when I looked at a church baptism record found in … More Fives are Wild