A Lot in the Lorenz Lineage

Because we have a few researchers scheduled to be at our museum today, I had determined not to publish a post.? However, a few days ago, we received a photograph which might be of interest to a lot of our readers.? It is even a photograph that has the subjects of the photograph identified.? The…

Jonesboro Butcher

Today’s story will have its beginnings in Longtown, Missouri, but will eventually end up in Jonesboro, Arkansas. I also have two men by the name of Freidrich Schade to discuss. Before I go any further, though, let me remind you that around here, the surname, Schade, is pronounced “shoddy”. There have been quite a few … More Jonesboro Butcher

Martin and Grace

Way back in 2017, I wrote the story of Martin and Angelina Palisch. That post was titled, Enjoying a Red Seal. Martin and Angelina were each born in Perry County, Missouri, but eventually migrated across the river to spend much of their lives in Jackson County, Illinois. They ended up in Murphysboro, where Martin worked for … More Martin and Grace

Black and White Christmas

We located some more photographs that show Perry County Christmas decorations.  As I look at these photos, I cannot help but think that the absence of the technology to produce color photographs really doesn’t do the Christmas season justice.  Normally, I love looking at the old black and white photos.  They add a sense of…

Little Mama Bounds

Today’s story begins in East Perry County, but it takes us on a tour of America by the time we come to the end. The birthday girl for this post is Dorothea Elizabeth Maisel, who was born on December 20, 1879. This girl went by the name Dora during her lifetime. She was the daughter … More Little Mama Bounds