The Mud

Today is a good day to discuss the story of one of our historic buildings in Altenburg.  Nowadays, the building is usually just called “The Mud”. The first record I can find of this building’s use was as Weber’s Hardware Store.  I do not know exactly when it was built, but in 1900, it was … More The Mud

Koestering Store

Today’s story begins with a photo.  This is a photo of the Koestering store and it came with a description that Gotthold Seibel was in the picture. I have to assume that Gotthold Seibel must be the one with his backside to the camera hoeing in the garden.  If that is Gotthold, then there is … More Koestering Store

More Hotel History

Yesterday, our blog, Just What Went on at the Wagner Hotel?, told some stories about the Wagner Hotel which was once located in Altenburg, Missouri.  Today, we will look at a few more stories involving that establishment. We mentioned yesterday that Gustave Wagner and his wife, Theresa, first ran the hotel.  For a while, Gustave, … More More Hotel History

The Mueller Outlaws

I just returned from taking my wife to her family reunion in Minnesota.  When her brothers and sisters get together, it has become customary for those of us who are married to them to call ourselves the outlaws in the family (as opposed to in-laws).  Well, it just so happens that there is an interesting … More The Mueller Outlaws

Schmidt nee Schmidt

A few of our locals were recently lamenting that those with the name Schmidt around East Perry County are becoming more aged and less numerous.  I daresay, however, that there are some in the community who think that this is a good thing.  There are fewer and fewer younger Schmidts around.  In fact, there are … More Schmidt nee Schmidt