Hazelwood Book Signing

Ann Hazelwood will be joining us tomorrow, (Sunday) for a book signing celebrating the 2nd book in her East Perry County series.  I just finished the book, and it is delightful.  Of course, Sharla Lee Gordon–the artsy museum director makes an appearance in the book as well as her trusted assistant “Gerard.” There will be … More Hazelwood Book Signing

Frau Cooper Hopfer

A while back, we posted a blog titled, Cooper Hopfer.  It was the story of one of the original immigrants who arrived in Perry County as a member of the Gruber group in the winter of 1839.  He was a barrel maker named Michael Hopfer.  Today is the date when Michael’s wife died.  Her name … More Frau Cooper Hopfer

A Nebraska Builder

Today’s story is one involving people who are more contemporary than those we usually cover.  Normally, we tell stories that describe folks who lived way back in the 1800’s.  Today’s story goes well into the 1900’s.  This story attracted my attention for three reasons.  First, the story refers to characters living in Seward, Nebraska, where … More A Nebraska Builder

A Teamster’s Wife

We have a 125th anniversary to celebrate today.  On July 26, 1891, Emmanuel Fischer and Agnes Boehme were married at Trinity Lutheran Church in Altenburg.  Rev. P. Roesener was the pastor. Agnes Boehme was the daughter of Carl and Ernestine (Schlimpert) Boehme.  Sadly, Agnes only lived to be 34 years of age.  She and Emmanuel … More A Teamster’s Wife

Youngest of the Jahns

Today would have been the 155th anniversary of Gottfried and Sarah (Jahn) Wachter.  They were married in 1861 at Trinity Lutheran Church by Rev. J.P. Beyer.  Sarah Jahn (pronounced YON or YAWN) was the youngest of the children in the Gottfried Jahn family that was part of the original immigration.  Sarah was not born until … More Youngest of the Jahns

California, Here We Come

Anna Dorothea Schuricht was born on this day (July 23) in 1859.  Her parents, John and Anna Susanna (Tirmenstein) Schurict were living in St. Louis and members of Old Trinity Lutheran Church. In 1878, Dorothea married Johann Heinrich (John Henry) Thiess.  Henry was a Lutheran pastor who had received some of his Lutheran traning in … More California, Here We Come

Loebers in the House

The Lutheran Heritage Center & Museum here in Altenburg had some very special visitors today.  Norman Loeber, along with his son, Ken, and Ken’s wife, Kathy.  They presently live in Edmond, Oklahoma.  Norman is the great great grandson of the first pastor at Trinity Lutheran Church in Altenburg, Rev. Gotthold Heinrich Loeber.  He is also … More Loebers in the House