Shortest Name?

I think the main character in today’s post would have the distinction of being the shortest name of all the individuals that have previously appeared on this blog. Her name was Ida Ude. I asked some locals how they would pronounce this name, and the answer I was given was Eye-da Oo-dee. That means this … More Shortest Name?

Bremen to Bremen

Today’s post is primarily the work of a friend of our museum, Sally Gustin, who has written for our blog in the past. She and her cousin have been working on their Thies genealogy. If you follow Sally’s family tree back through her mother, you find the Estel surname, which is a name found in … More Bremen to Bremen

Teacher Griebel

Today’s main character was born in California. It’s not often that I write the story of a person born in California. Of course, it is somewhat more believable when I tell you that he was born in California, Missouri. That town is located not far from Jefferson City as is shown in the map below. … More Teacher Griebel

Baptized at St. Sebald Lutheran, Strawberry Point, IA

I had no idea that there was a Lutheran church named St. Sebald. I had also never heard of a place named Strawberry Point, Iowa. Now I do. It even turns out that this Lutheran church has important historical significance. Just like East Perry County is an important place in the early history of the … More Baptized at St. Sebald Lutheran, Strawberry Point, IA