The ‘Riginal Roth

There are a lot of Roth’s living in East Perry County, and most of them can trace their roots back to the man who will be discussed in this post today. I will call him today’s birthday boy, but there is a bit of a debate about his date of birth. I will display evidence … More The ‘Riginal Roth

Herman’s Schuessler Dad and Burkhardt Step-Mom

I chose this story today because, like yesterday, it contains another example of a Schuessler marrying a Burkhardt.  I found the story because one of the Schuessler sons was born on this day.  Herman Schuessler is today’s birthday boy.  He was born on September 7, 1862.  We will get back to him later.  First, let’s … More Herman’s Schuessler Dad and Burkhardt Step-Mom