The Lutheran Curse…What Happened?

****Disclaimer:  This is another tongue-in-cheek post. It is meant to entertain, not inform.  However, there are some historic facts contained therein which are indeed true. ====================================== Those of you who follow this blog faithfully know that I have previously written about what is called The Lutheran Curse.  So when the Cubs won the World Series, … More The Lutheran Curse…What Happened?

For All the Saints

There must have been a great sense of joy around the Altenburg community in October of 1967.  The air was still full of the glory of the St. Louis Cardinals winning the World Series in the 7th game of the Series on October 12th.  The Cardinals had traveled to Fenway Park in Boston to play … More For All the Saints

The Lutheran Curse

I need to preface today’s blog by stating that what I write today is definitely done with tongue in cheek.  It is not meant to stir up anger, but to inspire a few chuckles.  However, anytime the topic involves the St. Louis Cardinals and the Chicago Cubs, there is potential for upset feelings.  It is … More The Lutheran Curse