Schlanstedt from Halberstadt-Preusser from Frauenprieβnitz

The title for today is what I would call a German mouthful.  It contains two surnames, one of which is still a fairly common name in East Perry County.  That surname is Preusser.  The other surname quickly disappeared.  The only records I could find for any Schlanstedt’s were for a mother and her daughter who … More Schlanstedt from Halberstadt-Preusser from Frauenprieβnitz

What Happened to the Captain’s Grandchildren?

Nicholas Guth was a quite notable resident of Perryville at one time.  Let’s take a little time to look at his life.  He arrived in America sometime around 1851 and after his family first were found in Illinois, they soon made their way to Perryville.  In 1857, he married Henrietta Karling.  This couple would have … More What Happened to the Captain’s Grandchildren?