Piano Man

A rather interesting marriage took place on November 26, 1845 in Altenburg, Missouri.  The circumstances that make this story interesting are the ones that occurred before this wedding took place.  However, at this point, I will quickly mention that the wedding we will discuss today was the fourth wedding that took place in the new … More Piano Man

The Bold Immigrants

In the German language, the word kühn means “bold” or “daring”.  There were two surnames in the Gesellschaft that contained kühn, Kühn and Kühnert.  As time went by, many German names containing an umlaut had that umlaut eliminated and replaced by putting an “e” after the vowel with the umlaut.  So these two surnames became … More The Bold Immigrants

Saxony Mills

A marriage took place between two prominent German Lutheran families in St. Louis on this date in 1854.  One has to be careful to identify the correct individuals participating in this wedding because this was not the first marriage between members of these two families.  In this case, the groom was Johann Fuerchtegott Schuricht and … More Saxony Mills

Just One Kramer Left

The Johann Gottfried Kramer family in Paitzdorf, Germany must have been going through preparations for a dramatic move from their homeland to America during that year of 1838.  Johann Gottfried was a cartwright….a wagon maker…..and must have had to sell his business and many of his tools before their anticipated trip.  They must have had … More Just One Kramer Left

The First Stephanites Arrive in St. Louis

Seventy-eight days after departing Bremerhaven, Germany, the first members of the Gesellschaft arrived by steamboat in St. Louis, Missouri.  They had voyaged across the Atlantic Ocean aboard the Copernicus to New Orleans, Louisiana, and then had traveled up the Mississippi aboard the steamboat, Rienzi.  Now, on January 19, 1839, they had finally arrived at that … More The First Stephanites Arrive in St. Louis

Buried on the Bank

A Schuricht family history book includes the following paragraph which includes an account of the death of Johann Gottlob Schuricht on January 8, 1839. Based on evidence that we have at our museum, here is what I think happened. Johann Gottlob Schuricht (who appears to already be a Junior in the Schuricht family history) brought … More Buried on the Bank