The Meister, a Twin, and a Minnie in Capp’s Creek

The main character in today’s post has just one lonely document indexed in our German Family Tree. As you can see, Theodore Meister was born on this day in 1876, making him today’s birthday boy. A previous post, The Senior Meister and His¬†Angel, was written about his parents, Anton and Gabriele (Hopfer) Meister. There were … More The Meister, a Twin, and a Minnie in Capp’s Creek

The Hopfer Store

Yesterday, the story was told of a couple made up of two people who were born, baptized, confirmed, married, and buried while members of the same church. I will tell another one of those stories today. It just takes place a a different congregation. This time, the setting for the entire post will be in … More The Hopfer Store

Rev. Martin and Martha

Regular readers of this blog might remember that there have already been several posts that have included a combination of the names, Martin and Martha. You will be reading yet another one of those posts today, one that includes a Lutheran pastor with the name, Martin. I suppose it’s only appropriate that a Rev. Martin … More Rev. Martin and Martha