Blacksmith to Mechanic

I guess it makes sense.  A blacksmith was a person who worked with metal.  He often worked on pieces of equipment that were involved in transportation, such as wagons.  He worked with his hands.  So, when there was a transformation from horse and buggy days to automobiles and the internal combustion engines, workers were needed … More Blacksmith to Mechanic

Oliver Follows Oregon Trail to Find Russians

Oliver Otto Schirmer was born on August 13, 1900 in Altenburg, Missouri, and later in November of that year, he was baptized at Trinity Lutheran Church.  He was the son of Carl and Julie (Burns) Schirmer.  These Schirmers disappear from any church or census records from Perry County after 1900, so I suspect they moved … More Oliver Follows Oregon Trail to Find Russians

Hillbilly Tour

The Hillbilly Tour made a stop at our museum this morning.  The tour consisted of numerous Model T Ford vehicles along with their owners.  We were honored to have them visit us. We have done a few recent blogs which have highlighted automobiles.  One of them told the story of one of the first garages … More Hillbilly Tour