Doc Kalbfleisch

The characters who will be highlighted today, as far as I can tell, were never found in Perry County. However, the gentleman who has a special birthday today, is found in our German Family Tree because his parents were part of the New York Group that joined the Stephanite group of immigrants in Perry County … More Doc Kalbfleisch

Lots of Motz Carts

Heinrich and Catharina (Roth) Motz came to America prior to 1839 and were living in New York.  When they heard about the Stephanite immigration to Missouri which was taking place in 1838-1839, they joined quite a few other New Yorkers to move to Missouri to join this group of German Lutherans.  As we have mentioned … More Lots of Motz Carts

A Lot of Grass Died

Normally when I see that a child was born to an original immigrant in December of 1838, I think that the baby must have been born aboard one of the ships coming across the Atlantic Ocean.  Today’s birthday girl is an exception.  She was born in New York City and her parents were already in … More A Lot of Grass Died