Lots of Motz Carts

Heinrich and Catharina (Roth) Motz came to America prior to 1839 and were living in New York.  When they heard about the Stephanite immigration to Missouri which was taking place in 1838-1839, they joined quite a few other New Yorkers to move to Missouri to join this group of German Lutherans.  As we have mentioned … More Lots of Motz Carts

Silent Partner

I started looking for a story to write today by looking for an event that took place not only on October 30th, but on October 30, 1867.  I did that because I wanted to find an event that took place the day before Trinity Lutheran Church in Altenburg was going to dedicate their new church.  … More Silent Partner

The 3M Company

Martha Marie Telle was born on June 30, 1870.  When she later married Gottfried Heinrich Mueller, she became Martha Marie Mueller.  Thus, the reason for the reference to 3M in the title.  Today’s story is about this Martha’s family.  I say “this” Martha because she is not the only Martha Telle who lived in the … More The 3M Company

Preacher on the River

The Mighty Mississippi River has been an important part of the German immigration to East Perry County from the very beginning.  Throughout the years, it has been a major form of transportation for these surrounding communities.  Commerce still takes place on the river and there are people from this area who still consider it a … More Preacher on the River

Wittenberg Wares

The above photo shows the interior of the Mueller Store which was located along the bluff in Wittenberg.  This photo was taken sometime around 1930.  Joseph Mueller had run this store for many years, but he had died in 1920.  A photo of Joseph Mueller can be seen hanging on the wall in the upper … More Wittenberg Wares

Frohna Entrepreneur

I am leaving my comfort zone today.  I am not an expert on Frohna history, but I am going to give this a shot.  My focus will be on the building shown in the above photo which was taken sometime in the 1960’s. August Lueders arrived in Perry County in 1850 at the age of … More Frohna Entrepreneur