A Wirth-y Carpenter, Blacksmith, and Farmer in Longtown

I have often been amazed while researching characters for this blog at the resiliency of the people from Perry County. I have seen so many who have been faced with the necessity to change occupations as their lives have faced challenges. Today’s tale is another one in which one of the main characters goes through … More A Wirth-y Carpenter, Blacksmith, and Farmer in Longtown

Paul, A Member of the Thurm Throng in Bremer County, Iowa

Not long ago, some visitors entered our museum from Bremer County, Iowa. I had to ask, “Do you know any Thurm’s?” Their eyebrows shot up and the man said, “One of my neighbors is a Thurm.” I was not surprised, but he was surprised by my mention of a Thurm. In a previous post on … More Paul, A Member of the Thurm Throng in Bremer County, Iowa

Pioneer Starzingers

The research library at the Lutheran Heritage Center & Museum is called the Starzinger Family Research Library, thanks to a generous donation from people that were descendants of that clan. Today, I hope to tell the story of the original members of the Starzinger family to arrive in our area. That means I have to … More Pioneer Starzingers

Longtown Hoehn’s

You will be reading in this post about a wedding that took place 126 years ago. This year is the 125th anniversary year of Zion Lutheran Church in Longtown. The family of the bride was especially involved in the establishment of that congregation. However, the marriage is not recorded in that church’s books because it … More Longtown Hoehn’s

Jonesboro Butcher

Today’s story will have its beginnings in Longtown, Missouri, but will eventually end up in Jonesboro, Arkansas. I also have two men by the name of Freidrich Schade to discuss. Before I go any further, though, let me remind you that around here, the surname, Schade, is pronounced “shoddy”. There have been quite a few … More Jonesboro Butcher