Baptized at St. Sebald Lutheran, Strawberry Point, IA

I had no idea that there was a Lutheran church named St. Sebald. I had also never heard of a place named Strawberry Point, Iowa. Now I do. It even turns out that this Lutheran church has important historical significance. Just like East Perry County is an important place in the early history of the … More Baptized at St. Sebald Lutheran, Strawberry Point, IA

Teacher Abraham

There is an old children’s song called, Father Abraham. It’s a song that a Christian teacher might use when teaching young children. It goes like this: There was once a Father Abraham who lived in Altenburg from 1873-1883. While here, he and his wife had 4 children, all sons, who were baptized at Trinity Lutheran … More Teacher Abraham

Rev. Mueller – From Clark’s Creek to Caesar Creek

I don’t think it’s a coincidence. I consider it a tiny “Act of God”. In yesterday’s post, Alvina Heidel’s birthday led me to a story about the “Dietrich Giants” which ended up in Kansas. I reported that the Dietrich’s moved to Kansas because Rev. Friedrich Mueller was the pastor there. What are the chances that … More Rev. Mueller – From Clark’s Creek to Caesar Creek

Hoeh Wagon Crash

The first thing I must tell you today is that the surname, Hoeh, is pronounced “Hay” around here. We will get around to his wagon crash later. Joseph William Hoeh was born on September 8, 1873, the son of Paul and Wilhelmine (Hemmann) Hoeh. He was baptized at Grace Lutheran Church in Uniontown, Missouri. Since … More Hoeh Wagon Crash

Hemmann, the Kansan

Today’s birthday boy is Paul Hemmann, who was born on August 24, 1880. Paul’s story will lead us to several different locations. You will discover that Paul did get married, but not until he was over 40 years of age, and he had no children. So, this is a branch of the Hemmann family that … More Hemmann, the Kansan