Willie the Cotton Compressor and His Perry County Bride

I get to introduce our blog readers to two new names today. One of the names has been briefly mentioned before, but I have never had to make a folder for this surname in our GFT images digital collection. The other surname, especially since it is not a German name, has had no previous mention. … More Willie the Cotton Compressor and His Perry County Bride

Doc Kalbfleisch

The characters who will be highlighted today, as far as I can tell, were never found in Perry County. However, the gentleman who has a special birthday today, is found in our German Family Tree because his parents were part of the New York Group that joined the Stephanite group of immigrants in Perry County … More Doc Kalbfleisch

Texas Ted Palisch

I debated whether to write this story today.  I found a birthday for February 4th, but it did not take me too long to see it might be a challenge.  Here are some reasons I came up with for not doing this story. I only found one record in our German Family Tree for this … More Texas Ted Palisch

Meister Klempners

According to my understanding, there are several levels used when describing skill levels in certain occupations such as plumbers.  A person would start learning plumbing skills as an apprentice.  After gathering experience and learning certain skills, one could advance to the level of a journeyman plumber.  The top level is described as a master plumber, … More Meister Klempners