The Saxon New World

Some years back, we had a visit from an incredible young man, H. Paul Moon.  He reminded me on the phone today, that I showed some reluctance regarding him wishing to film me that day.  What resulted was The Saxon New World documentary film.  It is a beautiful piece of film literature when you experience the exquisite Bach score and Paul’s filming of this lovely Perry County, Missouri landscape.  Paul is an attorney by trade, and an award winning documentary film maker, composer, and video artist.  He did a beautiful job creating an “in a nutshell” interpretation with analysis of the 1839 German-Lutheran immigration to St. Louis and Perry County Missouri.  Paul pulled together information from our site, from Saxon Lutheran Memorial via Doyle and Lynda Lorenz in Frohna, and from Concordia Historical Institute.   As of June 1, the film is available on Amazon–just type “The Saxon New World” in the search box.  The film also has English sub-titles.  Soon, it will have German sub-titles from our own beloved translator and museum friend, Brigitta Tinsley.

BrigittaBrigitta Tinsley     paul moonH. Paul Moon

Some of you probably know H. Paul Moon’s father, Rev. Dr. Shang Ik Moon.  Rev. Moon was one of the founders of Concordia University, Irvine and has served as Provost and  Exec. Vice-President.

Please send in your conference registrations.  We are having a great time making plans. Take Care, Carla L. Jordan

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