Very Few Children

Most of the writing that I have done on this blog has been about people who have had numerous children, especially when in comparison with families today.  In the last few days though, the families that I have researched have had very few children.  That is the case with Caroline Sophia Anna Grote, who was born on this day in 1877 in Wine Hill, Jackson County, Illinois.

Anna’s parents were Henry and Marie (Grewe) Grote. Carolina Sophia Anna married Samuel Schirmer in 1896 in Jacob, Illinois.  Jacob is located almost directly across the Mississippi River from Perry County, Missouri.  The Grotes and the Schirmers were living at the same place in Jacob, Illinois according to the 1900 census.  For some reason, Anna is not listed as a Schirmer in that census.

1900 census – Jacob, Illinois

You can also see in this census that Anna has one brother named Theodore.  Another daughter, Alwine, had been born in 1893, but she died right away.  So this couple did not have that many children.

Heinrich and Maria (Grewe) Grote

Forgive me, but I cannot resist suggesting that one of the two people pictured here seems more dominant than the other.

In September of 1900, this family moved to Murphysboro, Illinois.  However, when Anna Schirmer died in 1925 she was buried in the Christ Lutheran Cemetery in Jacob.

Anna (Grote) Schirmer gravestone

There is no record of these Schirmers having any children. I do not know the story behind it, but Samuel Schirmer was buried in Carpenter’s Home Cemetery in Lakeland, Florida in 1943.

Samuel Schirmer gravestone

Another interesting aspect of this story is the fact that Henry Grote oulived his wife by 23 years, and Samuel Schirmer outlived his wife by 18 years.  That defies the normal tendency for women to outlive their husbands.



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