Tales from a Palisch Picture

October 26 is an important date in the Palisch past.  The patriarch of the Palisch family in Perry County was J.G. Palisch, who was born on this date in 1805 in Germany.  A post was written about him called The Palisch Patriarch.


In 1922, on this same date, his great granddaughter was born in Frohna. Her parents were Ernst Rudolph and Cora (Mueller) Palisch.  They named this little girl Corine.  Corine married Hugo Boettcher in 1946, right after World War II.

Here is a wonderful photo of the family of Ernst and Cora Palisch.  Ernst was involved in the operation of the Palisch Store in Frohna.  Another post told the story of the Palisch Store titled Lueders/Palisch: Marriage or Competition?  In this photo, from left to right, you have Corine, Hilmer, Elmer, Wilbert, father Ernst, and mother Cora.

Ernst Rudolph Palisch family

This photo must have been taken when Hilmer was in the military during World War II.  Corine’s husband, Hugo Boettcher, also participated in that war.

Hugo Boettcher grave plaque

You can see from the photo that Hugo received the Bronze Star Medal during that war.

I also enjoy the fact that Elmer is pictured in his overalls.

Wilbert became a Lutheran school teacher and administrator.  He spent his entire career at St. Paul’s Lutheran School in Jackson, Missouri.

I may be wrong about this, but I think this photo was taken in front of the brick house that is located near the East Perry Pub in Frohna.  The Palisch Store was located where the East Perry Pub’s parking lot is today.

Corine died just last year on February 28, 2015.

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