Celebrating the Life of Elmer Hecht

On a hot July day in 1930, Martin and Clara Hecht welcomed their son, Elmer.  Today we are celebrating his journey from life to life.  His funeral service will be at Trinity Lutheran, Altenburg on Friday at 10:00 a.m.

Elmer was a docent on our museum team.  I will always fondly remember his sweet, kind, and gentle ways.  I have fond memories of Elmer at the Heritage Center.  I remember almost 10 years ago, Elmer and his Grandson Dylan played hide-and-seek in the Main Gallery.  At a planning retreat for the museum at about that same time, Elmer said, “Carla, don’t forget to have activities for the children.”  He was a man of few words, but I will never forget the ones he shared with me.

We treasure Alice, Elmer’s wife since 1956.  Her perky, happy spirit always adds life to the room.  They have been a part of our museum team since the new museum opened in 2005.  Elmer’s baby sister, Florence has also been on our team since the beginning.  We are thankful for this great family.

Rest in heavenly peace, dear Elmer.  We will miss your smile.  You loved us well. img_9113

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