A Correction and a Collection

A Correction:

Today’s post will be quite different than normal. First of all, after hearing from some people that know a whole lot more than I do about the history of Perry County, I have to correct a piece of information that was in yesterday’s blog.   I mistakenly identified the Stueve farm on  the map I posted yesterday.  I identified the wrong Claus Stueve property.  Let me just say this.  There were way too many Claus Stueves back then.  I think the map below is the correct location.


I am going to defend myself a little bit by saying that if the other location was not correct, I still think that tornado must have gone right over that property also.  The location of the Leimbachs and Webers on that map correspond with photos that show considerable damage to both Leimbachs and Webers.

This different location does make sense to me though.  A story has been passed on through my family about my Aunt Dorothy, who was a baby when this tornado passed through.  Dorothy was a Schaupert, and she was torn from her mother’s arms and deposited in a field nearby.  She survived and became a very special part of our family.

So I stand corrected.  I love it when people comment on our posts, even when they inform us of our mistakes.

A Collection:

Recently, our museum became the home of some new resources.  These resources consist of a whole collection of books containing information that should be valuable to people who may be researching their family histories.  These books expand our scope of materials.  There are many books containing data pertaining to this entire region, not just the Lutheran communities of Perry and Cape County.

I am going to share just a few of the types of items that we now have in our library.  First, we have quite a few volumes of books which contain histories of a variety of other counties found in Missouri.


We have several volumes of books which contain civil records from Bollinger County, one of our adjacent counties.


Another interesting book is this collection of census records from the early days of Cape Girardeau County.


Another book we have which I just discovered would have been really helpful to me a few days ago when I wrote a post about Old Bethel Baptist Church in Jackson.


This just gives you a little glimpse of the kinds of materials we now have in our family research library.  I have not even begun to discover what we have.  Our library is open and free to use almost every day of the year, even weekends, from 10am-4pm, and we have free admission.  Come on by and see what we have.  You may just be amazed.



2 thoughts on “A Correction and a Collection

  1. You mentioned you did not know what happened to Leroy Leimbach after that picture was taken. He continued to work at Alta Dena Dairy until he retired.


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