Hilpert-Zschoche Family Gathering & Exhibit Opening

We had a wonderful time with the Zschoche-Hilpert family.  On Saturday, we opened the biographical exhibit of their family story that derived in Frohna, MO. (See Warren Schmidt’s previous blog on the family history).

We are happy to have this incredible family as supporters of our site.  John Hilpert will be joining our docent team, and his daughter-Dawn will be helping us with special projects and events.

Hope you can come and see the new exhibit, and family archives.




One thought on “Hilpert-Zschoche Family Gathering & Exhibit Opening

  1. Think it’s a wonderful exhibit from what I can see in the photos. It’s funny that George Hilpert became a minister. I guess the desire to serve the Lord runs in the family. My great grandfather Fred M. Hilpert came from Himmelstadt .His daughter and grand daughter were both nuns. Sister Mary Generose was a School Sister of Notre Dame for 60 years, and her niece, Sister John Edna belonged to the Sister of Charity of Nazerath,KY. One of the Himmel stadt relatives , Monsignor Edgar Hilpert was a priest. All are now at rest with the lord.


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