Fun with Flags

IMG_9438Every museum director should be blessed with a retired engineer on staff.  Lynn Degenhardt has made development dream after development dream come true for our site.  Today we completed the flag gallery exhibition in honor of our research library founder, Ken F. Craft.  Ken purchased 24 beautiful silk exhibit quality flags in 2014 to represent the homeland regions of the early German-Lutheran immigrants who traveled to Perry County, MO.  We have used them in a ceremony and in temporary displays.  Today they found a more permanent home in our Main Gallery.  There are regional, national, state, and at least one city flag (Berlin.)  The flag of the USA is first in line, with the LCMS flag next.  We will soon have a German national silk flag to fit next in line (in the open spot pictured).  This beautiful, powerful, and colorful display also provides some much needed sound buffering in our Main Gallery.  I had a great time ironing all the flags, and Lynn climbed the ladder more than I was willing to count.  Thanks to Gerard, Diane, and Warren for jumping in to help.  It was a great day!  Take care, Carla L. Jordan




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